Beyonde Maqui Plus will be available in the Philippines.

Are you leveraging on a Fortune Global 500.?

A  FORTUNE Global  500 Corporation is about to be your business partner,  are you ready for it?

Are you leveraging on the Best Partner in Business, a Partner for Life.?

Introduction to Unilever  and Unilever Network, the  platform provider and our partner.

  • 2.5  billion people uses Unilever products daily to look good, feel good & get more out of life.

  • ​€52.7 billion global sales in 2016.

  • 400 brands focused on health and well-being, no company touches so many people’s lives globally.

  • 14 brands  with sales above  €1 billion annually.

  • 137 years and still growing.


137 years old and still growing


129 R & D Centres located Globally

  • 129   R & D   Centres located Globally

  • 6  Global  R & D Technology Centers

  • 31  Regional  Development Centres

  • 92  Local  Development Centres

  • €1 billion  annual R & D budget

  • Over  6,000  scientists and R & D specialists globally

  • 250 - 350  new patent applications filed annually

Are you leveraging on the Trust and Respect gain from the platform provider.?

Our platform provider and partner,  Unilever makes and sells products under more than 400 brand names worldwide. 2.5 billion people use them on any given day.
Here is a selection of their top brands, available in the Philippines.

Remark : The above brands already have their respective channels of distributions and will not be the brands involved in Unilever Network Marketing model.
The four brands distributed within the Unilever Network Marketing platform will be Aviance, Beyonde, iFresh and Lever Home.

Are you leveraging on your timing with the best strategy?

Maraming Salamat    Ms.Gina Lorenzana, V.P. Personal Care Unilever Philippines for your sharing prior to our soft  launch in Q4, 2017.
  • ​The Philippines GDP acheived 6.8% growth in 2016, fastest in  SEAA.​​​​
  • 102 Million Population
  • 44 Million Internet Users​​​
  • 43% Internet Penetration​
  • 68% Mobile Penetration
  • 58% Social Media Penetration
  • Perfect partner to help improve the lives of millions of Filipinos

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Connectors today are the new breed of intelligent and successful entrepreneurs.

OmniConnect ...
life will never be the same again.

OmniConnect O2O platform by Unilever Network, another E-Commerce business platform by Unilever Global.

Are you leveraging on our OmniConnect O2O platforms.?

OmniConnect O2O Platform for today's Global Entrepreneurs

Our platform provides  you with three options to  start at your own  pace...

  • PS : Personal Shopper
  • AF : Affiliate Member
  • BA : Business Associates
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​Alibaba-Lazada partners with Unilever to capture ASEAN 2020 projected online retail market valued at $25 billion

      Southeast Asia's dominant e-commerce player, Lazada, has joined hands with Unilever in hopes of grabbing a bigger slice of the region's online retail market in fast-moving consumer goods that is projected to reach $25 billion by 2020.       
click on logo to enter Alibaba-Lazada's platform

      Working closely together on supply chain, fulfillment, data, marketing, social commerce and talent development.    "The goal is to find better ways to address the exploding middle class across ASEAN." Maximilian Bittner, CEO Lazada Group

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Are you leveraging on Philippines Top Social Media platforms.?

Tremendous Social Media Marketing opportunities in the Philippines

  • 60 Million MONTHLY Active Facebook Users

  • 25.2 Million DAILY Active Facebook Users

  • 90% Facebook users accessing via mobile

  • 30.34 Million (29% pop.) purchasing via E-Commerce

  • US$ 33 annual revenue from each user

  • 51% Search online for a product or service

  • 50% Visited an online retail store

Credit : We Are Social for the slides above.

Are you leveraging on the ASEAN platform to expand Worldwide.?

Unilever Network
, the network marketing business first launched in Thailand.
Now, we have expanded into Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and rolling-out in

  • 2017, the Philippines

          moving  towards  all ASEAN & ASIA​​  
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