Philippines 3 years CAGR is 9.8 percent with $1.24 billion sales in 2015.

Asia-Pacific, This region, which includes four of the Top 10 billion-dollar markets, boasts the largest sales and the biggest growth, with 46 percent of global direct sales, and a three-year CAGR of 10.6 percent. The region generated $84 billion in sales in 2015. Sales in China, Japan and Korea account for 79.9 percent of that amount.

Ten of the 23 billion-dollar markets are from the Asia-Pacific region:
1. China
3. Korea
5. Japan
9. Malaysia
11. Taiwan
13. Thailand
19. Philippines
20. India
21. Australia 
22. Indonesia

In 2015,  Philippines sales were $1.24 billion of retail sales over the three-year period was 9.8 percent.

The channel quickly is becoming embedded in the cultures of many Asian and Pacific countries.

Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia all offer great opportunities for direct selling. Indonesia, with a salesforce of 12.7 million people, boasts a three-year CAGR of 11.9 percent on sales of $1.07 billion in 2015. The industry does well in this country, and has yet to realize its fullest potential.
In Malaysia, the CAGR is 9.4 percent with 2015 revenue of $4.44 billion. The world’s No. 3 market, Korea, saw 2015 revenue of $16.89 billion and a CAGR of 7.5 percent, while Taiwan’s 2015 retail sales were $3.35 billion with a 6.6 percent CAGR.

Finally, Vietnam is a market to watch. The country’s 2015 sales were just $492 million, but the channel posted three-year compound annual growth rate of 25.4 percent, the third-highest CAGR among all nations where direct selling data is collected and tracked.

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