Are you a Connector yet?


  • Huge Opportunity!

   *Choose a business model that you can earn 24/7 from every networking platform.
   *A great opportunity to own a business that expands globally.
   *A business that has premium health and beauty products with a significant growth rate and, completed in all aspects of services.
   *A business that attracts customers with high purchasing power into your network.

  • Start your own business instantly.

   *Products are readily available, complete with newest E-Commerce system.
   *Support system made easy, no need to source products on your own, no need to create a website, no franchise fees to pay and no hassle on sorting delivery of goods.
   *Accumulate your customer network globally, whether online or offline.

  • Derived an income faster.

   *Build a system that creates income automatically 24/7.
   *A business model that suits your preferred lifestyle and desired income whether you are an Affiliate (AF) or a Business Associate (BA).

  • Partnering with the best.

   *Global FMCG Giant, Unilever's premium quality products division  for the BEST CashBack program in the region. Unilever Network proudly invites you to join our complimentary Affiliate (AF) Cashback Program with no membership or  entry fee needed or be my Special Guest to enjoy 25% discount at

  • An International Entrepreneur 

that creates his or her own desired  income and lifestyle.

  • Entitled to qualify for 10 types of incentives and rewards

within the Unilever Network i12 compensation plan from your  wholesale network and 10% CashBack from purchases of your AF *Affiliate or PS *Personal Shopper and any persons who use your Promo Code to buy any products.

Our compensation plan concept is

  • "One World One Plan"

your networks in all countries are tabulated as one.

Enjoy new experiences and other rewards like our

  • travel & tours incentive,

  • car hire-purchase programs

and  cash awards.

  • Purchase with a discount of 25%

on every single item from the normal retail price.

Lifetime membership: Thailand 600 baht, Malaysia RM85, Singapore S$40. (BA must have at least one purchase in three years to maintain membership).

Register through , Unilever Network Center, through a referring B.A. that you know or a Call Center.

Documents for registration: A copy each of your Identity Card and Bank savings account. 

  • Share and earn from your Promo Code and/or build your own online business instantly. A good and simple method to earn an income doing it anywhere and anytime.

  • Get 25% discount off normal retail price for any product.

  • Enjoy 10% CashBack from purchases created by distributing your Promo Code through multi-channels.

More information:
  • Entitled to have one account at a time.
  • To registered as an AF, you  must order at least 1 product first.
  • AF can change status from PS.
  • AF can share their own account code / promo-code to other person as sponsoring code.
  • AF can sponsor BA, AF, PS class.
  • AF can change status to be BA within same month if the request is submitted within 15th of the month.

Purchase with a discount of 25%  on every single item from the normal price.

Free membership

  • Can have more than 1 account code (depends on sponsor / promo-code used)
  • Non-registered person must order at least 1 product to be able to register as PS.
  • New member without sponsor / promo-code first order must be retail price.
  • New member with sponsor / promo-code, first order must be member price (AF).
  • PS can share their own account code / promo-code to other person as sponsoring code.
  • PS can sponsor  BA, AF, PS.
  • PS can change status to BA within same month if the request submitted within 15th date of the month, process 2 working days.
  • PS can change status to AF immediately.
  • PS can register new account as BA or AF immediately.